Welcome to Canvas School of Arts

We at canvas truly believe that Art is the form of deepest expression and if it is tapped at an early age it can lead to knowing oneself further.

Our course work is designed for students ageing from 3 to any age group, our speciality is that we are inclusive of people who love art irrespective of their age. We have structured the course to guide and nurture ones talent and route their skills and give it a direction.

Drawing allows children, teens and adults alike to find a creative way to express themselves. It is a tool to develop and express ideas and a source of joy, confidence and self-esteem. It is also an opportunity to be curious and creative outside of their traditional education.

We are dedicated to provide quality education at minimal cost with no prerequisites for enrollment.Each student has different interest and capabilities.We pay special attention to identify the talent and steer our coaching to kindle and bring the best in them.

A. Sathish, a teacher by profession will guide you through the process of discovering the artist in you…

Meet Our Founder

A.Sathish (BFA)
Specialist in Arts 200 STUDENTS

Canvas school of Art, Academy is the brainchild of its Founder & Director, Sathish – an Artist and Creator. Sathish envisioned a forum for artists and aspiring artists to grow, teach and learn from one another. This simple idea snowballed into establishing a full-fledged academy offering top-notch art education across many genres.

Sathish is an artist with prior Experience in many facets. He is the Founder & Director of Canvas school of Arts Academy. His passion for art stemmed from an early age and led him to pursue art in its varied forms. His area of specialization is Wooden Chip Art works and he recently held an art exhibition in the city.



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