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Our course work is designed for students ageing from 3 to any age group, our speciality is that we are inclusive of people who love art irrespective of their age. We have structured the course to guide and nurture ones talent and route their skills and give it a direction.
We at CANVAS SCHOOL do not set boundaries to the art styles we adapt to the latest art forms and also teach the contemporary art styles such as oil pastel, pencil shading, water colouring, acrylic painting, still life portraits, wood art, painting etc
Art is a medium to develop and express ideas, instill confidence and build self-esteem. It is also an opportunity to be curious and creative outside of their mainstream education system and promotes them to be curious and creative in a class room setup as well, and hence we teach it as a life skill and not just another course.
Art is the closet connection we have to our culture and it is through artistic depictions we learn. Our aim is to build skills and nurture the cultural arts of our country and produce world renowned artists.
Is to bring up many successful students from Chennai zone to participate and win the state and national level prizes.

Play As You Learn


Children are always fascinated and attracted towards colours. Even small babies are happy to see colourful toys.


Our art classes for adults run all the year round and a specialized systematic approach to drawing and painting is offered to teen and adult.

Life Drawing

Every artist craves to do life drawing at some time which is very unique and challenging.

Provide Kit

We provide kit, which are necessary for our students on Canvas school of Arts..

Online Drawing Classes

The best way to learn drawing and painting is to attend a school under the guidance of a good teacher.


Once you are good at drawing and painting, we encourage you to take up your interest with specific medium and theme.

About Trainer

A. Sathish (BFA)
Specialist in Arts 55 STUDENTS

Canvas school of Art, Academy is the brainchild of its Founder & Director, Sathish – an Artist, Sculptor, Photographer and Creator. Sathish envisioned a forum for artists and aspiring artists to grow, teach and learn from one another. This simple idea snowballed into establishing a full-fledged academy offering top-notch art education across many genres.

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